Your car parts and accessories in the CAR Avenue network

The CAR Avenue network offers you a wide choice of new parts and new accessoriesall brand new automobiles for passenger cars and utility vehicles. CAR Avenuealso offers the sale of reusable parts.

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Original parts

The CAR Avenue network offers the sale of original parts, which means that these are the same components that were used when the car was made. This is of course a guarantee of quality compared to the quality of the materials used. Indeed, the original parts have been the subject of numerous tests to guarantee their reliability and excellent longevity in order to to ensure the safety of motorists.

Standard exchange according to the criteria
Regarding the sale of parts,the CAR Avenue network also offers exchange of standard parts. It is then a so-called reuse part, refurbished according to a very strict process. These are used parts that have been collected from a network of approved professionals. The interest is economic since these parts will be cheaper. And it is also ecological since it is already existing parts that are reused. Note that the standard exchange takes place within a legal framework which notably involves recording the replaced parts.

Examples of parts for sale at CAR Avenue

Here are some examples of parts you can buy in your garage:
- Shock absorbers
- Wiper blades
- Drums
- Belts
- Exhaust
- Lighting: headlights, lights ...
- Clutch
- Filters: oil, air, fuel ...
- Braking: pads, discs ...
- Glazing
- Body parts: hood, doors, bumpers ...
- Engine environment and its components: turbo, injection, gearbox ...


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Here are some examples of car accessories that you can find inthe CAR Avenue network.

- Armrests and equipment
- Interior layout
- Reversing alarms
- Air deflectors
- Air freshener
- Sun visor

Transport solutions
- Trunk layout
- Trailer hitch
- Roof boxes and bars
- Electrically assisted scooter

- Mud flaps
- Seat covers
- Maintenance products
- External protection
- Ground sheet

- USB chargers and adapters
- Audio equipment
- Video players and accessories
- Navigation
- Telephony

- Exhaust
- Hubcaps
- LED lights
- Rims
- Body kits
- External customization
- Interior customization
- Gear knobs
- Stickers
- Steering wheels

- Fog lights
- Snow protection
- Security and alarms
- Car seats

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